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Kelly Peterson is Betty Crocker for low carb Asian cuisine! If you’re looking for
a tasty cookbook, you’ll love this one!

Maria Emmerich, Author, Keto-Adapted

Like many of us who have had a low-carb epiphany that restored our health and sense of well-being, Kelly Peterson has embarked on a sincere mission to bring this life-saving knowledge to others… without dieting and starving, but the opposite, eating absolutely delicious food!

Dr. Jay Wortman, My Big Fat Diet Series

I thought Asian food was off the table for Keto eaters. This book is a gateway to optimal health with a treasure trove of low carb Asian recipes. A must buy!

Dr. R.D. Dikeman, Founder, Type One Grits

You can feel the passion and compassion in her words, a great read and a powerful message for all!

Kelly Tan Peterson